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Addressing Someone’s Nasty Behavior

Have you ever been disgusted at how someone was treating other people in a conversation, or during a meeting?  You can’t believe what they’re saying, the tone they’re using, and who they’re targeting.  Who is this person?  Don’t they know how disrespectful they sound?  Do they even care??   Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash Earlier this year I was on a call where a public official was insinuating blame and belittling community members.  The official had no idea how much these community members contributed to the agency through countless volunteer hours, and how undeserving they were of reproach.  By that time in my career, I had seen plenty of community engagement trainwrecks, but that day I still managed to be shocked at the disastrous behavior I was witnessing.  My colleagues and I rescued the meeting and relationships as best we could, then I was on a mission to let that official know what was on my mind. I was in the height of my emotions and only concerned with letting him k
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♪♪ Happy Stability to Me ♪♪

Contrary to what I thought I’d be feeling, I’m quite excited to be alive today.  It’s my birthday and I’m officially in my late thirties.  For months (years?) I’ve been feeling the weight of getting older and not being able to recover what I had in my childhood and 20s: bright skin, all my hair (I’m developing a bald spot 😨), less cellulite, more energy, more optimism.  Fortunately after some beautifully uplifting words from my sweetie last night, I woke up feeling ready to start the rest of my life.  What a gift he is!  I needed those words to get me passed something I’ve been dreading for a while. Today marks the beginning of my Wheel of Fortune year.  Wheel of Fortune is my tarot life card according to Lehman & Clurman , and ever since I learned that, I’ve feared the card and its energy.  I learned about this tarot deck in 2013 - for me, a time of turbulence, deep depression, and trying to hold on for dear life.  So when I read that my LIFE card, the energy that I would be deal